ZhiChi Anti-bogus clicks system (ZABCS) Introduction

By using the ZhiChi anti-bogus clicks system(ZABCS) you will make enormous savings on advertisement expenses, achieve greater business opportunities, and increase sales significantly.

The cost of search engine advertising services are increasing dramatically, and these can, of course,? be reduced by using the method of limited amount, limited area and limited time for advertisements.? But, if you do this, the advertisement time for your website on the search engine will become shorter and shorter, and you will miss many business opportunities.? Obviously this is not what you want; so is there a solution?
The answer is YES. It is ZABCS.

Why you need an anti-bogus clicks system?

According to a survey undertaken by a leading Chinese University, some 60% of clicks in online competitive price ranking are bogus. The sources of the bogus clicks are as follows:
Firstly, they may be made by competitors, whose aim is to consume the advertisement provider’s estimated costs, causing him or her to reduce the amount of web-advertisement, thereby improving the competitor's ranking.
Secondly, allied advertisement search engine websites, which gain a commission for every click, may also contribute to these bogus clicks.
Thirdly, for the same reason, agents of competitive price ranking may also make bogus clicks.
Finally, the search engine provider may be the culprit. Providers insist that they never commit such misdemeanours, but it is none the less a possibility.

All in all, bogus clicks cause advertisement providers to suffer numerous economic losses, and in some cases even to lose faith in search engine advertisement altogether.