Beijing ZhiChi Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing ZhiChi Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter ZhiChi Technology) is a software technology limited liability company with core services in computer application software development, system integration and software outsourcing services. It is a leading application software provider, which has a high market reputation and a strong customer loyalty base resulting from its commitment to leading edge technology as well as its experience and record of excellent service in the Chinese IT industry. Some 19% of its employees have graduated overseas or have overseas training experience so that its personnel structure comprises a mix of experienced industry experts and project management and development teams.

ZhiChi Technology can provide suitable software products and customized solutions to help clients to design their own e-commerce operation modes, including consultancy, design, integration, development, implementation, testing, training and provision of after-sales service. The key strategy of ZhiChi Technology is to utilize technological innovation to develop new products and to provide novel solutions, taking advantage of its strong R& D capacity and its position as a leader in the IT industry. A significant feature of the ZhiChi Technology operation is its close attention to market demand. The stimulus for technology products comes from comprehensive communication with customers and a timely and deep understanding of market demand. These latter can only be achieved through the medium of a strict product development process.

The mission of the company is to utilize advances in science and technology to enhance the process of e-commerce information, to strive to maintain its position as a premier e-commerce IT developer and service provider, and to maximize the returns of its customers.